One-Million Steps: ReEnabled Race Tour

The journey began with 17,932 steps in his first 10K and continues across the country in Adam’s battle to bridge the gap between what it means to be disabled and able-bodied. Adam’s One Million Steps: ReEnabled Race Tour is raising money and awareness for spinal cord injuries as researchers work tirelessly to develop technology to help those with spinal cord injuries walk again.  

What is a Road Warrior?

A Road Warrior is a person with a disability but more importantly a person with a message of empowerment.  A Road Warrior is a Re-Enabled Athlete committed to sharing their journey with others.  A Road Warrior doesn’t take no for an answer.  A Road Warrior is someone who fights for what and who they believe in. 

Adam, along with hundreds of others with spinal cord injuries want to empower others to take back the lives they once knew.  Re-enabled athlete turned Road Warrior, Adam walks in races across the country in order to raise awareness for and with those who live with spinal cord injury.  

What is 17,932?

17,932 is the number that changed Adam’s life and gave him a new purpose to help others in the disabled community.  Inspired by the number of steps it took for Adam to complete his first race, 17,932 steps became the first steps in the ONE MILLION STEPS: ReEnabled Race Tour.  Adam’s long term goal is to raise one million dollars so other people with spinal cord injuries can obtain an exoskeleton of their own. 


You can make a difference.

 Join Adam and his team in his pursuit to bridge the gap between

 what it means to be disabled and able bodied. 


 $1 a step

You can help Team Adam and other Road Warriors raise money and

awareness for those with spinal cord injuries on the journey to find a cure.


Every dollar counts.