"I Got Legs mission is to ReEnable members of the disabled community and the towns and cities they live in"

Adam’s life changed in an instant.  Now he is taking one million steps and raising money to help change the lives of others


The I Got Legs Founder/Chairman will be the first paralyzed man in history to walk 1,000,000 steps in road races throughout the country using a robotic exoskeleton. His goal is to raise $1 for every step he takes that will go towards helping other victims of paralysis walk again.

The beginning of the journey.

When Adam Gorlitsky, then a 19-year-old college student, awoke from a horrific car accident after falling asleep at the wheel, he was told he would never walk again. 

The seasoned athlete, who was once celebrated for running a mile in under five minutes, was completely devastated by the news.  The thought of not walking again was crushing and a reality he had a difficult time accepting.  As the years passed, Adam set his sights on being an advocate for people with disabilities, focused on adapting to his new reality and how he could more forward in a positive way.  

A New Beginning.

Ten years after his accident, Adam’s life dramatically changed again.  He was chosen as a candidate for a new exoskeleton technology, a machine that would allow him to stand and walk again for the first time in a decade.  The moment he stood, Adam knew his next mission; he was determined to help change other’s lives as well.  His continued commitment to inspire others to action serves as the cornerstone his ReEnabled Race Tour.

In April of 2016 with 40,000 runners cheering him on, Adam became the first paralyzed man to complete the 10K Cooper River Bridge Run, beginning his ReEnabled Race Tour towards changing the lives of others and raising a million dollars for people with disabilities around the world.  He races across the country, educating others on this technology that has changed his life, and encouraging others to demand it become a machine covered by insurance.

Moving Forward.

Adam continues to fight for the right to walk, one step at a time. 

He is passionate about creating a safe environment for people living with a disability and their families around the world and wants to give others the courage to move forward in a positive and productive way.  Today he speaks to groups around the nation educating others on not only living with a disability, but overcoming this adversity to live an extraordinary life.  

steps and counting…


Our Cause:
What it means to be disabled vs able-bodied.


Our Mission:
To ReEnabled members of the disabled community and the towns and cities they live in.


Our Goal:
To bridge the gap between what it means to be disabled vs able-bodied.

Celebrities Support I Got Legs

The support for Adam’s campaign has been extraordinary.  As he continues his journey to helping others with disabilities, celebrities all over the country have joined the movement.  Everyday Adam gets one step closer to achieving his million step goal, and it’s only with the support of others he will close the finish line.  Donate here and join the movement.  

Stephen Colbert's got legs!

Stephen Colbert's got legs!

landon clements of Bravo's Southern Charm

landon clements of Bravo's Southern Charm



johnny whitworth, star of "empire records"

johnny whitworth, star of "empire records"

Marvel's "Captain America" Stars Anthony Mackie and Chadwick Boseman

Marvel's "Captain America" Stars Anthony Mackie and Chadwick Boseman


I Got Legs is proud to be sponsored by Mercedes-Benz




Hear Adam's story in his own words, and discover how "I Got Legs" went from a dream to a national phenomenon.  From tragedy to triumph, Adam seeks to help others in need.      

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Adam made history on Saturday, April 2 where he walked the bridge and began to "bridge the gap" between what it means to be disabled and able-bodied.  

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